Everglades in Florida.

Everglades en Floride


If you have the taste for travel and want to discover the USA (United States), you have to make a trip to Florida to visit the Everglades a few kilometers from the city of Miami.
Indeed, located in South Florida, you can see in this vast subtropical swamp dense vegetation of pine, cypress and mangroves. The Everglades is also populated with 36 endangered species including alligators, but also birds, mammals, fish and insects. The Florida Everglades, invaded by the mangroves is old between 6000 and 8000 years and 200km long and 80km wide, the park covers the entire South Florida. Ranked biosphere reserve by the international community and the Unesco World Heritage, this ecosystem is unique.
Visit Miami: the place to be
If you make a trip to Florida, the Everglades offers many activities essential to visit Miami and return home with memories full head.
• To the west of Miami on the Tamiami Trail is the Shark Valley Visitor is a 24km trail tram ride (during the active season) to go towards a two-story observation tower. Ideal for observing animals in their wild environment without disturbing them.
• Near Homestead, there is the Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center where a 61km route starts crossing the cypress, the rocky pine forest, meadow marl, mangrove and coastal plain.
• Near the Florida Everglades, the Gulf Coast Visitor Center delivers canoes to follow a 160km route up to the Flamingo Center. Indeed, we need only move inland waterway.
• The Flamingo Center is primarily a point of relaxation with a beautiful view of the bay and a marina where you can observe crocodiles and canoeing. There are also several hiking and activities to do on the water.
• For nature lovers, south of the Big Cypress Swamp, marsh houses a range of vegetation including orchids, willows, cypress and palm trees oryaux.
To make several walks and an output airboat (boat powered by a big “fan”) in the Florida Everglades, you have to count a day. In addition, some tours can be done with a ranger for more information. You can also use multiple modes of exploration including cycling, canoeing, walking … to explore the flora and fauna.
The Florida Everglades besides being historical, is also a natural treasure close to Miami beaches feet. Moreover, many accommodations are nearby, including hotels and campsites located in general in Everglades City, Florida City and Miami.

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